Description: This wine appeared for the first time in 1883 under the name of Blanco de Castillo wine, it was made in every harvest. In 1975 it was bottled under the name Castillo de San Diego, a denomination that has survived to our days and represents a traditional Spanish wine with international recognition.

Food that goes well with this wine: Tapas, appetizers like ham, soft cheeses and nuts. Its particular flavour makes it ideal to accompany fish and seafood, smoked salads, rice dishes and vegetables.

Technical Information: Made from the yolk must, the juice from the Palomino grape that sprouts without the need to press the fruits. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 17ºC in 400.000-litre stainless steel tanks during 10 days. The yeasts used are typical of the area and selected by the winery.

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