Our company

Lavinole was founded in 2014 by a Spanish entrepreneur who wants to share and consolidate the Wines of Spain in the Maltese Island.


At Lavinole we are specialists in the distribution of beverages for private consumption also we offer B2B solutions for catering, food shops and wine cellars upon request.


We offer a variety of Wines of Spain representing the more important regions and prestigious Winemakers.


We also offer a full range of Beverages, spirits, beers, ciders and more.


At Lavinole we are characterized by our desire to change and improve in all aspects that have to do with customer satisfaction. We are currently working to improve the service we offer to our client and to participate in the growth of our island by introducing innovative and fashion products.


We are in a new century dear friends and customers, with this new website we want to put in value to our customers and future customers our portafolio of products and services.


                                                                                                          David Pérez - Founder

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