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Bodega José Pariente was founded in 1960 by José Pariente, a winegrower with a passion for the Verdejo variety. The winery is located in Rueda, one of Spain's most prestigious wine regions.


Bodega José Pariente owns 120 hectares of its own vineyards, located in the best areas of Rueda. The vineyards are planted with the Verdejo grape variety.


Bodega José Pariente produces a range of high quality white wines. Its wines are known for their freshness, complexity and ageing potential.


Bodega José Pariente is committed to making wines that express the unique terroir of Rueda. The winery uses traditional viticulture and winemaking practices combined with modern techniques.

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Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

D.O.: Rueda

Region: Spain / Valladolid /

Winery: José Pariente.

Alcohol content: 11%

Optimal serving temperature: between 6 and 8ºC

Colour: Pale yellow hue with greenish reflections.

Nose: A unique aromatic expression due to an exceptional mix of vegetable notes and exotic fruits.

Palate: A velvety and very fine sensation appears in the mouth, without losing the fresh and clean elegance typical of the Sauvignon Blanc.

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Grapes: Verdejo

D.O.C: Rueda

Region: Spain / Castilla y León / Rueda

Winery: José Pariente

Alcohol content: 13.7%

Optimal serving temperature: 16ºC



Colour: In the visual phase there is a bright straw yellow color, with greenish reflections.

Nose: of great intensity, it is elegant, fresh and complex. It shows a marked fruity tone, which covers the range of white and citrus fruit with a touch of fennel.

Palate: In the mouth, fresh fruit notes appear again. Unctuous, sweet and elegant with a soft touch of final bitterness.

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Grapes: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

D.O: Rueda

Region: Spain /

Winery: José Pariente

Alcohol content: 13 %

Optimal serving temperature: 8°C



Colour:  Straw yellow color with greenish reflections

Nose : High aromatic intensity, revealing mineral notes and the characteristic herbaceous hints of the grape variety. These are complemeted by nuances that contribute to a refreshing quality, accompanied by citrus notes, particularly grapefruit

Palate: Unctuous and volumious, a blend that confers complexity and elegance to the wine. It is vibrant, with a great tension.

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Grapes: 100% Viognier

D.O.: Castilla y León

Region: Spain 

Winery: José Pariente

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Optimal serving temperature: 9-12ºC


Colour: Bright greenish straw

Nose: Fresh fragances of apple and citric nuances.

Palate: Floral with notes of wild herbs, citrus, and brioche. Persistent, pleasant citrus finish and fine bitterness 

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